The Reality of the MHRD Notification

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Dear Friends,

All of you are aware that the Government of India (MHRD), vide a notification dated 31.12.2008, came up with its scheme of revision of pay for teachers in universities and colleges. There was an excitement in the rank of central university teachers across India that the sustained, organized and passionate struggle of teachers, led by the DUTA in the main, would yield for us a good piece of cake on the eve of a happy new year. However, we realised that the reality was quite different.

Much a Slip between CUP and LIP!


PRC Recommendations

(Chaddha Committee)

Approved pay scheme



PB 3, GP 6600

PB 3, GP 6000


Increment: PhD 5

M.Phil 3


PhD 5

M.Phil 2



New pension scheme to Assured pension Scheme



Research grant of Rs. 2/5 lakh



Academic allowance:Rs1500



Sr. lecturer

PB 3, GP 7200

PB 3, GP 7000


Promotion to Readership

9/10/11 years with


12/13/14 years



PB 3, GP 8000

(PB4,GP 8700 for Sr Readers)

PB 4, GP 9000



PB4, GP11000,12000

PB 4,

GP 10000

(GP12000 only 10%)


Professor of Eminence

80000 fixed



Friends, you would recollect that we the young members of the teaching community had always been enthusiastic in participating in all DUTA protests and demonstrations and have always rubbed shoulders on equal footing with our senior members amidst all adversities. But, at the end of the day, the facts and figures provided below would make you feel that we have been emotionally cheated by the DUTA leadership. It seems that in the whole process of bargain, young teachers (lecturers and senior lecturers) have been completely sold off by our leadership only to get PB 4 for Readers. Little did the DUTA leadership realize that the teaching community consists not only of Readers, but also of Lecturers, Sr. Lecturers and Professors. Little did the leadership show its concern over the fate of the non-Readers. Instead, it is busy propagating, shamelessly of course, that the Academic Grade Pay (AGP) of Rs.6000 at the entry level for lecturers is an historic achievement.

Friends, you would recollect that even the Chaddha Committee, against which we fought tooth and nail, had recommended a Grade Pay of Rs.6600 at the entry level. Not only that, there were many incentives recommended by the Pay Review Committee (PRC), like 2 increment for NET, 3 increments for M.Phil and an Academic Allowance of Rs. 1500 Per month, to attract talented youngsters to this profession. Our leadership sacrificed all this and could concentrate only on a singular issue of “PB 4 for Readers” and finally got it to sell it across the teaching community as something “historic” for the entire teaching community! Increments for M.Phil have been reduced from 3 to 2. Also, the Research promotion Grant for new entrants to the profession as seed money of Rs. 2.00 lakhs and Rs. 5.00 lakhs for humanities/social sciences and sciences respectively as financial support for carrying out research against duly approved projects (Page 70 of PRC, Cl 5.3.6) has been rejected. Such incentives at the entry level were at the heart of the 11th Plan document that laid emphasis on expanding opportunities for youth on a massive scale and attract good quality teachers (page 22 & 26 of the 11th Plan document).

Those of us, who have been appointed on or after 01.01.2004 and are placed under the New Pension Scheme, have been demanding for our conversion to the Assured Pension Scheme. The DUTA has always treated this issue as a subsidiary one. We know how important this matter is for us and for prospective entrants. There was an historic opportunity this time, as restoration of old pension scheme for teachers appointed since 01.01.2004 to enjoy the triple benefit of GPF, Pension and Gratuity, was recommended by the PRC itself (page 74, cl. 5.4.4). Even such an important issue was not taken up with prominence with the Government, again only to get PB 4 for Readers.

Friends, the story of downgrading and demoralizing young teachers is not yet over! A lecturer was at par with a Grade I PGT teacher and Vice-principal of school earlier. Both were placed in the pay scale of 8000-13500. Now we have been downgraded because a Grade I PGT teacher and a school VP have been placed in 6 CPC with GP 6600 in PB 3, whereas we are placed in PB 3 with AGP 6000. Also, a Sr. lecturer enjoyed parity earlier with a school principal. Both were placed in the pay scale of 10000-15200. Now, a Sr. lecturer has been downgraded, because a school principal has been placed in PB 3 with GP 7600, where as a Sr. lecturer has been pushed to AGP 7000 in PB 3. Friends this is what our leadership has gained for us and for the future of higher education in India! Isn’t it demoralizing that lecturers are demanding parity with PGT teachers?

Finally, friends, PB 4 for Readers was such a holy cow that even the professors have not been spared from being downgraded! We join this profession not to promote mediocrity. Rather we aspire to reach the pinnacle. The PRC recommended a GP of 11000, 12000 and Rs. 80000 fixed for professors, Sr. professors and Professors of Eminence, respectively. In the present scheme, Professors have been downgraded from GP 11000 to 10000, while the latter has been scrapped. How far is it justified to perpetrate casualties to all sections of the teaching community just to get PB 4 for Readers? We feel happy for our Readers that they have got it. It was our joint struggle and we too had participated in that struggle with similar zeal and determination. We expect that the Reader fraternity of Delhi University shall too demonstrate its solidarity with us in our moments of agony. We congratulate them from the core of our heart. This is a humble request from them that they too support our cause and take a moral position on our issue.

Friends, this is high time we unite and put up a big fight without wasting time. We trusted the DUTA leadership and we were met with betrayal in return. This is an historical wound that we will remember for ever.

We hoped that DUTA will at least utter some words of sympathy for us when we met the leadership. DUTA leadership is so enamoured with celebrations that it has no care and sensitivity for us. Little is it interested in making the profession attractive for young talents, how so ever loud its newsletter/memorandum which it submitted to the UGC PRC may claim. In all this what has been put at stake is the future of the higher education in India.

Friends, the need of the hour for us is to act united and rise above the party lines and take up the matter ourselves. After all safeguarding the future of higher education is something we all got committed to, the moment we joined this profession. Although, all political outfits in Delhi University are now coming up with their pamphlets and newsletters, figuring therein our demands and concern, none of them has the guts to proclaim that they are prepared not to accept the present pay scheme until justice is done to younger members of the teaching community. This is their sheer display of hypocrisy. The compulsions of competitive party politics have forced them to act as such. Beware of them!

We appeal you to join us in the signature campaign to be submitted to the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) for the accomplishment of our demands raised above.


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