More Lies from the DUTA Leadership!

The DUTA Leadership continues to propagate lies to the teachers about its position on matters of concern to the teachers. The DUTA Leadership has put up posters in colleges announcing that the Demonstration at the UGC, to be held on 24 February, has been “DEFERRED”. In reality the deomonstration has been called off and the DUTA has abandoned the struggle. Additionally the Resolution of the DUTA Executive (20.2.2009) continues to promise to pursue the unresolved issues “with the MHRD and the UGC and execute all the appropriate action steps including Dharna, march to MHRD/UGC, strike etc. in due course of time”.

The Fact is that these issues are the same which were stated in the Resolution of the DUTA GBM (5.2.2009). The Resoultion of the DUTA GBM was issued much before the UGC Draft Regulation (15.2.2009) and it is clear that the DUTA finds nothing objectionable in the existing provisions of the UGC Draft Regulations ie. ones which have not been covered by the UGC’s clarification (19.2.2009).

The Resolution of the DUTA GBM had also authorized “the DUTA office bearers to negotiate with the UGC and MHRD urgently” on all issues. It is clear that nothing has come out of any such “urgent” negotiations if any, and the DUTA has not sought to mobilise the teachers against the MHRD which is at the root of most of the wows of the teachers, especially the new entrants.

The DUTA did not dare to use the term “CALL OFF” due to the proposed Dharna call by the Joint Action Committtee. This is a deliberale ploy to create confusion and demobilise the teachers. It is very clear that while on the one hand the DUTA Leadership has continued to speak a language of hope, it has steadfastly refused any mobilisation against the MHRD, thus avoiding any confrontation with the government.


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