AIFUCTO response to the UGC Draft Regulations

After today’s Demostration the AIFUCTO delegation met the UGC officials. The following is the outcome:
Dear Friends
See representation attached . Following discussions with AIFUCTO ,UGC has decided to delink implementation of pay scales from implementation of regulations. Notification on pay scales will be issued in two days. Regulations will be finalized in consultation with AIFUCTO in three months
Thomas Joseph
President AIFUCTO

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  1. Dr. Kuntal Chattopadhyay on

    AIFUCTO’s response to UGC’s draft regulations is in the true spirit of teachers’ solidarity all over India. API/WP/PASS criteria in the UGC draft regulations are absolutely unacceptable, these being hastily and unrealistically recommended in violation of the MHRD notification and in total disregard for the terms of reference of such an expert committee.The process of revising the pay-scales of the college & university teachers has been & is being delayed beyond all limits of tolerance.AIFUCTO has drafted a well-argued response and it should stand firmly by it…….

  2. shyamal kumar kar on

    It appears from the ugc notification that a college or university lecturer needs to acquire the qualfication of Phd in order to reach the level of Professor though at entry level the minimum qualificatin requirement is master’s degree with NET/SLET,whereas in other govt dept including Research laboratories a mere techncal/scientific asstt having graduate degree can reach upto technical officer gr- d/scientist-d in the pay band-4.For them further higher qualification is not necessary in order to reach highest level. Now question arises why so much of conditions are imposed in case of college/university lecturer which may prove detrimental to further progress of higher education. I request the concern authority to examine the matter in the light of other equivalent govt services

    • Dr. P. Hangsing on

      As pointed out by our colleague Dr. Shyamal Kumar, it depressing to see so many conditions and selection gates being recommended and accepted for university and college teachers. Other Central Services simply waits for their cadre revision but enjoy better promotion avenues and perks (even better salary than us) as they climb the ladder. Unlike the central services the only livelihood of a university and college teacher is salary alone. It is fine to have so many conditions and selection gates but we deserved to be compensated appropriately. I wish associations like AIFUCTO would take up the matter with the UGC or MHRD.

      As noted by Dr. Kuntal Chattopadhyay, the delay in finalization of fitment table or regulation only highlight the following facts:
      1. that the present composition of UGC is incapable (this is also mentioned in MHRD press release). UGC should look at it’s own operational efficiency before attempting to meddle with the autonomy of the universities/college.
      2. the number of anomalies in the present form of pay fixation is enormous which UGC or MHRD is not capable of rectifying it. Because, they are mostly time bound promotees in their respective jobs and rectification would amount to major alteration of the pay fixation. Such anomalies should be thought of when the Cabinet Secretaries were tearing down Prof. Chadha’s recomendation.
      3. that we are at the mercy of bureaucrats who have little or no knowledge of higher education.
      4. that our associations are happy and contended with the present situation.

  3. Dr. Kuntal Chattopadhyay on

    Things are now becoming rather weird.Delhi University fitment table dated 11.02.09 is out and posted on the AIFUCTO website….But UGC & MHRD are still working on the same. Nearly three months have elapsed since the MHRD notification came out…May be our waiting for the fitment table is very much like Vladimir’s and Estragon’s waiting for Godot.

  4. Dr. Kuntal Chattopadhyay on

    One more month has elapsed since I made the last post.The fitment table stalemate is still unresolved. All sections of employees have received their revised pay, but the college & university teachers can wait for any length of time. Don’t we all know that ‘they also serve God (read ‘mother India’)who stand and wait’? The greatest show of democracy on earth–Parliamentary Election,2009–is now underway.Have patience and more patience, for, after all, we are teachers..

  5. Jinendra Jain on

    All the conditions for promotions are for teachers only, whereas the persons who will run the country after this greatest show of electios have no condition or qualifications for this evil job.They have no respect for teacher.The teachers who are their in UGC have forgotten that they ewre teachers.If they can not prepeare the fitment table, then give this work to AIFUCTO or ABRSM.

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