FEDCUTA/ DUTA President Exposed!

There has been a campaign by the supporters of the FEDCUTA/DUTA Leadership that the current initiative of the Joint Action Committee is an attempt to break the FEDCUTA/ DUTA Unity.

Before arguing to the contrary we would like to remind a fact which the FEDCUTA/ DUTA President – Shri Aditya Narayan Mishra”  – may have forgotten.

Shri Mishra was part of a similar initiative in 1998 during the 5th Pay Review.  At that time though the UGC Pay Review Committee has proposed a higher Entry Level Basic Pay of Rs.10000, the BJP government had kept it at Rs.8000. Here is an excerpt from a newspaper report 11 years ago  (29.04.1998):

‘the Association of Young Academics (AYA) have expressed apprehension about the intentions of the DUTA leadership. “We are worried that during negotiations with the HRD minister we will be made the sacrificial lambs,” says Aditya Narayan Misra, convenor of AYA. “The DUTA leadership is not paying attention to our demands. Though everyone is talking about trying to bring in better talent, by giving lecturers a bad deal good people will never come in.””

Read the full article.

The charge of the FEDCUTA/ DUTA Leadership, therefore, is an example of hypocrisy and opportunism.

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