Congratulations for Massive Dharna

All teachers of Jamia Millia Islamia, University of Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, who participated in the massive Dharna at the Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi on 25 Feb 2009, deserve to be congratulated!

It may be pointed out that this mobilisation happened in face of tremendous hurdles. Where as on the one hand the campaign had to deal with a string of holidays [Sunday and Shivratri] and lack of resources and experience, on the other hand there was the attempt to spread lies and rumours by the supporters of the DUTA Leadership! Also, there was the year-end commitment to complete the course which kept many teachers glued to their classes.

We hope that this sends a strong message to the DUTA/FEDCUTA Leadership of the discontent that is seething among a large section of teachers due to their undemocratic and irresponsive attitude.

A Memorandum reflecting the opinion of the agitated teachers will be submitted to the MHRD at the earliest.

Check Pictures of the Dharna.


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  1. Sachin N, Dept of English, Dyal Singh College on

    Dear Friends,

    I attended the DUTA emergency Executive on 20/02/09 that decided to withdraw the 24th demo at UGC and was appalled by two things
    1) the lack of understanding that they publicly displayed, and
    2) the tenor of the discussions

    As a concerned teacher, I spoke (after much pleading, I had to interrupt DUTA President to make my point) at the meeting, trying to tell them what the UGC Secretary’s Note on Draft Regulations (DR) actually mean. They were trying to argue that the Secretary’s note dismissed the validity of the Regulations and hence no need to press forward with the UGC demo. They also claimed that it is their achievement and skeptics like me should rather appreciate them than trying to question them.

    Let me quote the Sec.’s ‘Clarification regarding DR for UGC notification on Revision of Pay scales’. It says “The centrally funded Universities and Colleges are requested to make payment in accordance with GOI notification dtd 31st Dec 2008 and the UGC DR may not be taken into account while releasing the arrears.” From this it is clear that,
    1. UGC note is not categorical about the total rejection of DR
    2. The non-consideration of the DR is only stated for the payment of arrears
    3. While the title of the clarification says ‘revision of pay scales’ the text only talks about DR with regard to arrears.
    4. It does solve the ambiguity about the position of the incumbent readers & Lecturers (Selection Grade) in the new pay scale whose fixation of promotion is between 1.1.2006 and the pay scale notification.

    Now friends, if we read the earlier DUTA note exhorting as for a 2 day strike and a march at the UGC on 24th, this was against the DR, pressing for its complete rejection.
    a. There was nothing about reneging on the action programme unless DR was completely thrown out. But now they have done precisely that.
    b. They are deliberately misreading the document to serve the sectarian interests of their politics and category. May be, in an election year, the masters cannot be troubled by a collective voice of protest strictly adhering to class interests…
    c. When the trade union body reads things along the lines suggested by UGC/MHRD, we have to seriously suspect their intentions (points 2 & 3 illustrate this)
    d. Point 4 is definitely a victory for the trade union body but what about the rest of the teachers who are not in the above mentioned categories ( for ex. What will happen to a teacher whose senior lecturership was due in 2008 but, for one reason or the other could not give the promotional interview)
    e. This along with their compromise on the demands of the teachers in PB3 and refusal to embark on a concrete action programme on the Pay sacales, should tell us a lot about the imminent danger.

    It is extremely disconcerting to see this blatant manipulation of a collective body. This is not about readers or senior lecturers but about teaching community in general. We don’t want conditionalities of such kind to be there as part of our service rules.

    We should understand the challenge before us. DUTA is our collective body, but the present incumbents are hell bent on turning a blind eye to the needs of a section of teachers. But DUTA is ours as well…

    Let us now decide to come together and register our protest on these matters. Let us all join the Arts Faculty dharna on 25th. Let us also resolve to believe in the democratic process and collective strength of people…We want a trade union body that listens to all the voices from the multitudes and then uncompromisingly fight for its class constituents.

    The triumphant note one heard in the DUTA Executive meeting while abandoning the 24th march/dharna convinced me of one thing – what we want is militant trade unionism not delegatorial trade unionism. Let us meet on 25th…

    Sachin N
    Dept of English
    Dyal Singh College

  2. Surbhi on

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