Press Release 25.02.2009

An overwhelming number of teachers of Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Milia Islamia and Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapith participated in a Dharna today at the Vivekanand Statue, Arts Faculty, University of Delhi (North Campus). The Dharna was held under the aegis of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) consisting of the teachers of these university of which the JNU Teachers’ Association (JNUTA) is also a part.

The principal concern of the teachers who attended the Dharna was the inaction and utter insensitivity shown by the FEDCUTA/ DUTA Leadership (Federation of Central Universities Teachers’ Associations/ Delhi University Teachers’ Association) towards the genuine demands of the a large section of teachers. The DUTA President, who is also the President of the FEDCUTA, has failed to pay heed to repeated pleas of the teachers.

The principal issues of concern among the teachers is the downgrading of teaching profession at the entry level:

(a) While the UGC Pay Review Committee (Chaddha Committee) had suggested an initial Grade Pay (GP) of 6600 in Pay Band 3 (PB3) for Assistant Professors, the MHRD Notification (31.12.2008) stipulated and Academic Grade Pay (AGP) of 6000. This reduction in GP/AGP which seems to be merely a reduction of Rs. 600 at first glance actually amounts to an enormous reduction in the Basic Pay of Assistant Professors;

(b) the service requirements for promotion to Associate Professorship has been arbitrarily increased from 9/10/11 years of service to 12/13/14 years of service  (based on the acquiring of research degrees);

(c) non-notification of the Academic Allowance of Rs.1500;

(d) non-notification of two advance increments for NET, which had been proposed by the UGC PRC.

This results in a consolidated loss of over Rs. 40 lacs for teachers in the first 14 years of service.

These steps have been in complete contradiction to the stated policy of the Central government on higher education which seeks to attract and retain talent to the teaching profession. In fact, it seems that these steps have particularly targeted the younger sections of the teachers, who have chosen to join teaching despite the hitherto unattractive pay. It is the younger teachers in the first 12 years of service who have been hit the hardest.

Other than these, the some of the other concerns of the agitated teachers are:

(e) the experience requirements for Direct appointments to Professoship and Associate Professorship being irrationally raised;

(f) non-award of Advance Increments for NET as recommended by the UGC PRC;

(g) the fixation of Minimum Pay-in-Pay Band for all AGPs in proportion to that fixed for all central government employees; three assured promotions, as proposed for all Government employees by the 6th Pay Commission not being applicable for all teachers;

(h) a quota based proposal for Professorship in colleges and for determining higher AGP for Professors;  should be set aside;

(i) and non-mentioning of Research Promotion Grant of Rs.2 lakhs/Rs.5 lakhs as recommended by the PRC.


The gathering decided to submit a Memorandum to the MHRD at the earliest. The teachers called upon the DUTA/FEDCUTA leadership to come up with a concrete action programme to pressurize the MHRD to accede to the genuine demands of the teachers.


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