DUTA Executive Meeting Requisitioned

A Meeting of the DUTA Executive has been requisitioned on 2 March 2009 by certain members of the DUTA Executive “to address the widespread misgiving that the charter of demands of the teaching profession is being given a quiet burial…. [and to ensure] a sense of dejection over the silence on its demands does not grow, especially among its younger members”.

We urge on all members of the DUTA Executive, especially those belonging to organisations who were present at the Dharna on 25.02.2009, to support the requisition without further delay.

We urge the DUTA President to convene a meeting of the DUTA Executive immediately. We wonder why the promptness shown by him in convening a meeting of the DUTA Executive after the publication of the UGC Draft Regulations, has not been repeated in this case (the UGC Draft Regulations were published on 15.02.2009 and a DUTA Executive Meeting was convened for 17.02.2209)!

Read the text of the Requisition.


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