Pensioners feel betrayed by DUTA Leadership

According to the University Today (1 March 2009) : ” A few teachers have formed a Delhi University Retired Teachers’ Association and currently enrolling as members anyone who is a retired teachers of DU.”

It paper also exlains the issue facing the pensioners in the 6th Pay Review Process: “Whereas the Minister, Punderswari Devi, announced in the Lok Sabha on 16 December last that those who were in the Readers’ grade will be put into PB-4 in they have completed 12 years (with Ph.D.), 13 years (M.Phil) and 14 years (without M.Phil./Ph.D.), some over zealous Babu in the MHRD while issuing the fatwa dated 31 December 2008 made the schema to stand on its head by providing that those who had completed 3 years as on 1.1.2006 will move to get their PB-4.

“This unwarreanted inclusion of just 3 words ‘as on 1.1.2006′ has made the whole situation different and robbed the pensioners of a possible higher pension of the minimum of the PB-4 band.

“The most noxious part of this all is that nobody in the DUTA/ FEDCUTA even wants to understand this simple thing. And there has not been a word for those hapless retired people. If that’s the way they run their teachers’ movement, well …”

The game is clear: only those sections of the teaching community who have a substantial chunk of votes in the DUTA elections will have their intersts protected by the current DUTA/ FEDCUTA. Though, young teachers are in a minority today in terms of the electorate, retired teachers do have a vote.


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