Charter of Demands

The concrete structure demands as regards MHRD notification are as follows:

  1. Reduction of the number of years required to move from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor to 9/10/11 years in Pay Band 4.
  2. The Assistant Professor at the entry level must be given AGP 6600 and one unconditional movement to AGP 7600.
  3. The experience requirement for Direct posts should be 5 years for Associate Professors and 10 years for Professors.
  4. Two Advance Increments for NET as recommended by the UGC Pay Review Committee.
  5. Minimum Pay in Pay Band for all AGPs must be fixed at not less than what it should be in proportion to the minimum pay specified for each GP for central government employees.
  6. One option for all teachers, including those appointed after 1.1..2004, to shift to the Old Pension Scheme and from CPF to GPF.
  7. One time waiver to all CAS cases between 1.1.2006 and 31.12.2008.
  8. Academic Allowance of Rs. 1500 for all teachers.
  9. The shift from one AGP to another should not be considered as matter of promotion, it should be assured minimum benefit to all who are in for longer period of service.
  10. Three assured promotions, as proposed for all Government employees by the 6th Pay Commission should be applicable for all teachers. The current quota based proposal for Professorship in colleges should be set aside.
  11. The completion of 9 years shall invite the first promotion on the basis of service tendered at equivalent grade and not on the basis of service in the last AGP.
  12. There should be no discrimination between the direct appointed posts and the CAS.
  13. The Professors are put into two separate AGPs. These must be time bound rather than quota bound. This is justified more so if there are performance indicators for moving from one AGP to another than interviews are not needed in that manner.
  14. Research Promotion Grant of Rs.2 lakhs/Rs.5 lakhs as recommended by the PRC.

to UGC

  1. Ensure Upward Mobility

  2. Retain Existing Workload Norms

  3. Stop Irrational PASS

  4. Retain Existing Composition of Selection Committee

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